Creating a conscience in the credit sector

The one thing

Help build better credit

The sub-prime credit sector is overcrowded. It shouts about access to credit with messages like “APPLY TODAY!” but lacks empathy and support to the people who need it most. What Aqua offers is far more valuable.

A supportive financial lifeline for those declined for a card or struggling to get going. The opportunity to get their credit score on track.

How we found the good

We scrutinised the competition, delved into audience pain points and needs, scoured all the small print… and found Aqua’s hidden good. The customer’s biggest problem was the low customer credit score itself – the fear of being turned down – and that they feel judged by their bad credit score.

SHARP then primed Aqua to bring its helpful side, tips, tools and support designed help customers build a better credit score to the forefront.

How we freed the good

Help build better credit is now Aqua’s brand proposition and underpins all activity from brand level to response. At every touchpoint.

Meaningful yet powerful headlines ease concerns about rejection, offer tips on interest reduction and provide helpful payment nudges.

Little things that have a big impact on everyday life.

YouTube Videos

Bring the build better credit message to life using the Aqua brand character – a helpful buddy on your credit building journey.






Facebook Feeds

Powerful single-minded digital banners with messages that drive engagement and response reinforce awareness of ‘build better credit’.

The difference we made


Of people (in brand tracker Aug 21) associate Aqua with ‘Help improve your credit score’


All competitors (helps improve your credit score)