From a global proposition to a UK rebrand

The one thing

Life keeps moving

When something goes wrong at home or stops working – with your heating, plumbing or electrics – life doesn’t have to grind to a halt. HomeServe are here. With local experts at the ready to keep your day flowing effortlessly, fixing faults without fuss.

How we found the good

HomeServe is one of the world’s biggest home assistance brands, operating across five countries with 8 million customers. What they didn’t have was a single, cohesive global brand.

We travelled the world to hold a series of international co-create workshops with employees, stakeholders and customers. And found that each territory had its own unique identity, issues and insights. Yet ‘One Thing’ was constant, the expertise to help customers in need. We’d found HomeServe’s new proposition.

How we freed the good

Global rebrand

A confident, modern and ubiquitous brand identity crafted itself. Carefully considering that each country had different offerings and services. From the logo to the vans, everything was redesigned to kick-start a bold new chapter for HomeServe, encapsulated into a new brand book and style guide.


Life Keeps Moving

TV, DM, Email, Social, Digital, Website

To launch the rebrand, SHARP created HomeServe UK’s first ever 40” brand TV commercial and through-the-line integrated Northwest test marketing campaign.

Our TV advert introduced Life Keeps Moving not by focusing on the disruptive broken boiler, but how everyday life can keep flowing with HomeServe effortlessly taking care of the problem.


The difference we made



Brand awareness increase


Co-Creates delivered unique proposition

“Best decision I ever made taking that meeting all those years ago.”

Greg Reed, Chief Executive Officer, HomeServe Membership