Total Fitness


Total Fitness appointed SHARP to work closely with them to help redefine their brand and product campaigns and, critically, to re-educate the market about the breadth and value of their product.

SHARP spearheaded this new relationship with a campaign to showcase that Total Fitness clubs have more variety of facilities than their competitors – high variety being a key driver of member visit frequency and goal achievement.

The idea was created by SHARP and was followed by a close collaboration between the agency and the in-house Total Fitness team to produce a suite of collateral designed to tactically hit one of the best times of year for membership activation – be it new or existing customers.

Achieving banner click-throughs with a response-driven digital marketing strategy

Our digital content strategy included creating a suite of online videos seeded on social to promote the brand offering

Total Fitness online videos on Facebook

Digital marketing supported by point-of-sale printed collateral

New Member Booklet for Unbeatable campaign

SHARP directed a new photoshoot to create a unique brand identity as a part of Total Fitness' brand development

Flyers for Unbeatable campaign

Content marketing

Brand identity development

Customer engagement

“Working hand in glove with the SHARP team enabled us to move at incredible pace and create a confident, empowering campaign that perfectly addressed the brief. It’s the start of a journey to reinvigorate our position and re-engage the market place”.

Sophie Lawler, CEO of Total Fitness