Tommee Tippee

Parent on

They say never work with children. So we one-upped that with BABIES!

Tommee Tippee is a brand we can’t wait to work with time and again. Working wonders for such great product ranges is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

A global brand and the UK’s number one for baby feeding accessories, Tommee Tippee had discovered that 74% of their customers relied on social media to inform their purchasing decisions.

So for their next two product launches, they challenged us to create two social campaigns – online marketing videos that engaged new and expectant parents, showcasing the incredible benefits they bring to parent’s lives.  

The first video was to relaunch Tomee Tippee’s range of nappy bins – the Sangenic Tec and the Simplee. Our ‘Change It Up’ idea engaged audiences with cheeky humour and balanced the positive message of parenthood with the reality of having to deal with stinky nappies. 

Who doesn’t like a good chat about poo? When you’re a new parent, it quickly becomes a favourite topic of conversation. So we created a tongue-firmly-in-cheek online social video campaign to be seeded out onto Facebook.

We grabbed attention with innovative use of emoji-style graphics and a no bullsh*t approach. Using extreme and comic examples of how parents cope with nappy smells without Tommee Tippee’s nappy bins, we showed just why parents need one – and how easy it is compared with the alternatives.


Tommee Tippee’s new Perfect Prep Day & Night machine was a dream come true for parents. Not only could parents get a perfect bottle with the exact amount of formula milk at the perfect temperature, they could also get a better night’s sleep with a slew of new features designed to make nighttime bottle feeding even easier. Hallelujah!

Our idea was to tell a story in a single montage sequence, punctuated by three meal times. It would show how the machine could help a mum and dad ‘parent on’ easily and happily during the day, as well as sleepily and dreamily at night.

Oh, and it was done in one huge montage sequence – 50 shots – all filmed in one day. Meh, child’s play!



Over 50k Facebook views

Significant sales uplift