I am the change

The NUS wanted more engagement and involvement from students. But transforming zero interest into unstoppable action is a tall order. It’s the kind of challenge we love to tackle as a creative branding agency.

We knew from experience that when you get people together with some great strategy, anything is possible. So that’s what we did. We ran a Co-Create by SHARP workshop with students to understand their outlook, then developed this into a solution for the NUS.

The big idea: to give students the one thing they want most – a chance to have their say, a place where their voices are heard, an opportunity to shape their world. The big idea got some big results too, with hundreds of change initiatives funded and thousands of students engaged. Brill!

Website design for the campaign

NUS 'I am the change' website screenshot by the SHARP Agency

Brand campaign identity

NUS 'I am the change' campaign identity by the SHARP Agency

Co-creation workshop with students helped create the campaign identity

Co-Create group session montage for NUS ran by the SHARP Agency

Film showing one of the most impressive changes inspired by the campaign

Hundreds of change initiatives funded

Thousands of students engaged
to inspire change

“Working with SHARP is like having an extension of the internal team.”


Simon Raynor, Marketing Director, NUS