Because you care

Against a backdrop of NHS staffing efficiencies and tight budgets, we developed a powerful brand strategy to recruit 5,000 nurses and midwives for the Leadership Academy’s Frontline programme.

Our ‘Because you care’ campaign reminded nurses and midwives of the moment they felt ‘the calling’ to spend time with people at their most vulnerable – to be the hand they reached out to hold – and to want to make a difference to people’s lives. We focused the idea on the nurse’s viewpoint – their unique connections with patients and the positive effect it can have.

An important and emotive campaign we felt very strongly about – making us over the moon when we’d learned we’d smashed their recruitment target.


Collaborative branding: agency co-creation with NHS stakeholders to define marketing strategy

A montage of NHS and SHARP Agency Co-Create sessions

Digital and social marketing to drive response

NHS leadership academy online advertising screenshots by the SHARP agency

Pass It On handout encouraging employees to apply to the programme

NHS leadership academy marketing handout designed by the SHARP Agency
NHS leadership academy marketing handout designed by the SHARP Agency

NHS Confederation Conference experience design

NHS Leadership academy at the confederation conference

Emotive strategy

Highly targeted messages

Recruitment target reached

"Working with SHARP on a day to day basis is an incredibly smooth process. I always feel assured and confident of what’s happening."


Helen Stevens, Head of Communications, NHS Leadership Academy