Born in Britain

Gola wanted a social platform that would engage millennials. To learn exactly what would start online conversations, SHARP held Co-Create sessions with engaged young influencers in art, music, sculpture and fashion. Together, we co-created the Gola ‘Born in Britain’ social platform. This became the springboard for over 500 influential student blogs of in-depth interviews and creative opinions. The co-creation idea was so contagious that the blogs were shared across student communities nationwide.

The idea spread to the development of a global P.O.S. identity and print campaign, and to put icing on the cake, a rocking partnership with brand ambassadors to produce a unique music album and tour sponsorship.

Gola's Born in Britain cross track advertising on London underground by the SHARP Agency

Brand co-creation with Gola’s target audience

A montage of photos from a series of Gola and SHARP Agency Co-Creates with their target audience

Turning co-creation into an engaging brand marketing campaign

Gola 'Born in Britain' posters created by the SHARP Agency

Web design for the Gola Homepage to house all digital content created by student ambassadors

Two iPads showing the Gola 'Born in Britain' campaign website pages by the SHARP Agency

Unique artists discovered by the ambassadors became the heroes of the Born in Britain Uncovered Campaign

Two campaign posters to launch Gola's' Born in Britain' campaign by the SHARP Agency

Facebook likes up from 11,000
to 100,000

Brand awareness increase with millennials