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Fight like a King

War was coming. A battle to cut through the noise and launch an unknown strategy game app into the fray and crown it champion. To make Clash of Kings a huge success, we knew we’d have to transform the battlefield and bring the fight straight to the consumer.

To do it, we’d need to change their world and put them directly into the fray with a creative strategy that transported them to the front lines to seize their engagement. To achieve this transformation, our strategy was to dominate the space the campaign was experienced. It was time to lock and load.

SHARP’s creative took over Oxford Circus underground so that commuters stepped into the game and were completely immersed in the world of Clash of Kings. This was made real with a 360° tunnel wrap, animated digital screens, mega escalator panels and a full cross-track presence. And the outcome? Victory!

Oxford Circus cross track

Oxford Circus cross track
Top image
Flat cross track 1
Flat cross track 4
Three images
Flat cross track 5
OOH Award

25% brand awareness increase

4th highest grossing UK strategy game

Increased downloads by over 300%

"The SHARP Agency’s amazing creativity and passion brought our award winning campaign to life. Definitely 5-star rated and top of our recommended agency list."


Qianya Liu, Overseas Marketing Manager, Elex