Best Western

Thousands of stories

Best Western is unique in the hotel industry because its hotels aren’t uniform. They’re different – 280 times over. Because each of its 280 hotels is completely unique, so consumers get a different experience every time. 

In a market where consistency of offering is everything, this was seen as a challenge. Not in our eyes. Instead, we made it Best Western’s biggest selling point by transforming the brand’s perception in the minds of consumers. 

‘Hundreds of hotels, thousands of stories’ became the big brand idea – each hotel having its own personality and unique story to tell. A one-of-a-kind experience customers won’t find anywhere else. Through long-term brand building campaigns, this storytelling was key to transforming a perception of what hotels should be like – more individual, more emotional, more human.

Where stories happen

Direct Mail brochure packed with happy inspiration

Direct Mail brochure packed with happy inspiration

'Characters on Dave' sponsorship spot


105% YOY bookings increase

40% of bookings were by new customers

"The results were superb and importantly, the team had great fun extending the central creative thought across all channels."


Sarah Fussey, Marketing Director, Best Western Hotels