Digging deeper to connect with construction

The one thing

Data with the human edge

Barbour ABI, the market leading provider of construction intelligence, cements itself as a vital business tool with over 1.8 million live project leads at any time. Focusing on their construction expertise turned the UK’s most accurate database into profitable opportunities, industry insights and relationship-builders.

How we found the good

Virtual co-creation workshops with contractors, subcontractors, product manufacturers and recruiters quickly unearthed Barbour ABI’s advantage. The switched on people behind the winning tech – data with the human edge.

The brand’s audience now needed to know this, and what Barbour ABI’s leading construction expertise could do for their business’ bottom line.

How we freed the good

Rebuilding Together

Direct Mail, Paid Social, Website

Position the combined power of the brand’s portfolio as the critical construction intelligence partner for sales growth in uncertain times. The double whammy economic fallout from Brexit and Covid hit the construction industry hard. Barbour ABI needed to position themselves as the partner best placed to help their clients rebuild and get back on track.

40% increase on target client acquisitions (month on month)

Ready to go

LinkedIn, Digital

Turn caution into confidence following the 2021 Budget announcement. A second virtual co-create with Barbour ABI’s prospects and customers (marketing directors in the construction industry) uncovered deep insights about 2021 perceptions, in terms of threats and opportunities… with hopes resting on the Chancellor’s big annual statement.

Our three-phase campaign tapped into the build-up, reaction and ramifications of the 2021 Budget announcement, capitalising on one high search ranking factor at that time, Rishi Sunak.

LinkedIn page views up 75% (week on week)
4X higher CTRS than average

Open for Business

Paid Social, Landing Page, DM

Demonstrate how the Barbour ABI’s experts and data can connect you to growth in a new world. The second vital insight from our co-creation sessions was that marketing directors predicted big things for the second half of 2021, with lockdown restrictions and manufacturing constrictions set to ease. Following extensive government investment in March’s budget and growth predictions of 8% overall for 2021, optimism was in the air! Our #OpenForBusiness campaign invited the industry to open doors and conversations. Let’s move forward together.

The difference we made


Increase in client acquisitions


Increase in LinkedIn views (week on week)


Increase in CTRS

“We think of SHARP as a strategic extension to our own marketing team and that’s the way we work together. The findings from our initial co-create sessions form a solid launchpad – packed with the proof points that our target market really care about.”

Kate Perrin, Marketing Director