Say what? How WhatsApp is besting social media at marketing

WhatsApp may just be the platform to take your marketing to another level. Find out why…

WhatsApp has roughly 1.5 billion users across 180 countries.

Just let that sink in a second before I hit you with another mind boggling stat: 29 million WhatsApp messages are sent every… single… minute. You just have to look at the map below to realise how WhatsApp has pretty much succeeded in global messaging domination.



With great power comes great opportunity. But up to now, marketers have tended to forget about the messaging powerhouse that is lying underused in Facebook’s back pocket.

That’s all set to change as trends indicate messaging has become THE preferred platform for customer service, eclipsing Twitter, Facebook et al – you know, all the usual suspects.

So if customers prefer to communicate with brands via WhatsApp, how can digital marketing capitalise on this?

Well, handily enough Facebook (who owns WhatsApp) finally realised the platform’s potential for brands and released the WhatsApp Business app (for small businesses) and is currently rolling out the WhatsApp Business API for larger brands this year.

For customers, it means they can have a one-on-one communication with a brand that feels personal and immediate ­­– no longer having to email (too formal), no more calling on a phone then waiting on hold listening to an endless loop of Coldplay. And because WhatsApp delivers a direct, encrypted message, you can share things like account details and delivery addresses that you wouldn’t be able to voice on a public social media platform.

Doesn’t take a genius to see why all that is a far preferable customer experience than the alternatives.



But what does it mean for marketers? WhatsApp doesn’t support advertisements, so where do the opportunities lie? The answer is all in the rates.

Marketers are always trying to come up with new and clever ways to improve distribution and click-through rates – to get more eyes on the product and to get more buy-ins.

Because the nature of the messenger platform, WhatsApp has a natural 100% distribution rate – every message reaches every intended recipient. Social media, with all its feed algorithms, can’t reach anywhere near that figure. It literally can’t be beat – especially when you remember that a WhatsApp message pings onto your phone’s lock screen, prompting a response unlike other applications.

But the biggest surprise is the click-through rate that WhatsApp achieves. Just take a look at this:


image 3

The figures are pretty astounding. WhatsApp achieves 35 times the click-though rate of a banner ad, and 7 times that of social media. Obviously a strong comms strategy comes into play here as well, but you can’t deny the platform’s power in delivering direct and unique offers to your customer that feel personal and, importantly, don’t feel like advertising.

WhatsApp is already getting amazing feedback from brands that have already implemented the platform into their business strategy. And with the growth of WhatsApp rising exponentially amongst users, now maybe the perfect time for your comms strategy to look beyond social and harness the power of messaging.


image 4
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