Trinity Walk

Where will a Trinity Walk take you?

A story is worth a thousand straplines. Or so the saying goes. To engage, educate and entertain shoppers, we turned retailer brands into story characters who starred in their very own bite-sized yarns. It enabled us to feature a whole cast of retailers with results that gave a happy ending.

Research showed us that shoppers crave a physical experience, as opposed to detached online shopping. To communicate these experiences and the sheer level of choice, we didn’t just want to list the retailers. Yawn. We wanted to engage them with stories that took them on a shopper’s journey of possibility.


11 million visits in 2016

324,000 visits in their biggest ever week

33% growth in web traffic YOY

“SHARP has given us an identity which has cemented our position in the local area. Telling stories means we can showcase all the brands we offer and is perfectly adaptable for the different seasons. It’s fantastic!”


Lucy Grice, Marketing & Retail Manager