Video is becoming THE marketing essential. This is why you should be using it.

Video has been on the up and up for a long time. Now, it’s dominating. It’s the one medium that has proved time and again to being the most engaging platform to distribute content.

With these statistics, it’s not hard to see why. 

72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate

Nearly 50% of internet users watch videos related to a product or service before buying

82% of Twitter users watch video content

Don’t be lured into thinking it’s just another trend. With greater advancements in technology and how brands can use video even more effectively, this is one would-be trend that’s becoming a sure-fire staple.

Let’s take a look at recent video developments to discover why video should have a significant role in your brand’s strategy for optimal response.


Shoppable video

‘Shop the Look’ is an ever-growing phrase on the websites and social video content of fashion brands. With hotspots and pop-up i-frames, customers can interact with videos as they watch them, with the ability to swipe to buy.

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360 video 

Now that 360 and VR technologies are readily accessible for customers, brands can now fully immerse potential buyers in worlds they create. Numerous studies have revealed 360 video significantly increases engagement, with one reporting a huge conversion increase of 46%.


Influencer video

This is the one video advancement that isn’t tech based. Vlogging on YouTube has grown exponentially in the last five years. It’s a massive industry in itself – it’s popularity so massive that YouTube has its own Creator Academy to encourage the next generation of video creators. 

So partnering with vloggers who have huge reach amongst your target audience is kind of a no-brainer. It’s a perfect platform to build awareness and drive acquisition:

  • Your brand (via the influencer) is able to make an authentic connection with your audience
  • You gain access to a community of like-minded people
  • Their vlog becomes an under-the-radar POS – allowing you to offer discounts, product placements, native advertising etc.


Searchable video

Noticed your Google searches are now bringing up more relevant video content? That’s because searchable video has arrived.

Google Chrome now previews the carousel in its search results, so you can see a short 6-second peak at the content. This is sure to become the norm across multiple platforms soon.

And with advances in AI and automated closed captions, video content is more searchable than ever. So all those SEO keywords? Start incorporating them into your videos organically – Google will find them.


Personalised video

This is the next giant leap forward. Personalised video has been around for a couple of years now but in 2019 it’s set to explode, reported to being a major part of the brand strategy for many global businesses.

Technology, again, has been the driver. There are now several automised tools which can help you create an array of personlised videos from just one template and a bank of structured data in a short space of time.

You simply create a video template with space for the unique personalised elements, then link it to the data from your automation platform. When the customer then views the video, those individual data elements appear as if part of the video.


How good is it? Well, one study reported that personalised videos:

  • Got 280% higher returns
  • Encourage customers to spend 62% more time on a campaign landing page
  • Increase email open rates from inactive users by 5x

Another study found that personalised videos:

  • Drove conversion through 75% of prospects to complete on a sale
  • Have a 35% higher retention rate
  • Have a 16% higher click-to-open rate


Convinced yet? With increases in engagement, retention and conversion, plus huge advancements in technology enabling even more increases in ROI, video is a proven platform that should be at the heart of any business strategy.


Picture of Alex Allston, Senior Copywriter at The Sharp Agency

Alex Allston

Senior Copywriter