Regeneration isn’t just Doctor Who’s power. Hoodezfield is full of brand transformations.

Doctor Who has regenerated again.

Jodie Whittaker spectacularly debuted as the 13th incarnation of Doctor Who last Sunday. And while doing PR to promote the show in the USA on TV chat shows, American subtitles struggled a tad with her northern accent…



As a brand response agency based in Hoodezfield, we know all about regenerations. Not specifically about aliens with two hearts who transform when they die, but more about transforming brands when they need a new identity to achieve their business goals. 

And as the good Doctor does, fashioning a sonic screwdriver out of Sheffield steel, we’ve created our own set of tools to help us bring about brand change. But we call it co-creation, which you can read all about here.

It’s like the Doctor surrounding herself with plucky companions so they can work together to tackle world-ending problems – we surround ourselves with brand customers and stakeholders and then collaborate with them to achieve game-changing results.

So good luck, Jodie. We can’t wait to see what adventures you get up to. And if you ever return to your hometown, why not pop into our office to say hello? It’s bigger on the inside…


Picture of Alex Allston, Senior Copywriter at The Sharp Agency

Alex Allston

Senior Copywriter