Thanks to Al Gore and “reduce, reuse, recycle” we know the dangers of climate change. However, it’s now 2019 and the impacts are everywhere – in the oceans, the decreasing ozone layer, on our weather apps.

Globally, 37% of us admit our biggest concern is climate change. Eco brands are tapping into this and about time too. Bringing out your brand’s sustainable qualities is a good thing. People want to buy from brands that share similar ethics and care about the world we live in.  

Brands like these…


Who Gives A Crap is a great example of taking an everyday product and creating a sustainable brand out of tree-less toilet rolls. Yes, it is more expensive than bargain own brand 12-packs, but at what cost to the environment? 


Renewable energy used to come from solar panels. In recent years there’s been an uprising in greener energy. Championing the journey to zero carbon, OVO Energy is actively helping us to lower our carbon footprint simply by switching energy supplier.


 Plastic is one of our biggest polluters. Chilly’s wanted to help cut down single use water bottles and created one that keeps your drink cold for 24 hours. You pay £25 but it’s a bottle for life. The designs are pretty cool too.


 Patagonia leads the way in outdoor clothing AND sustainability. The brand set its eco-stance out clearly from the word go. Remember when they donated 100% of their Black Friday sales to grass root organisations? Most of us do and still see them as environmental good guys, as well as high quality gear manufacturers.


Your brand ethics mean more to consumers now than ever before as they want to spend their money that isn’t going to impact them in the future. In today’s current climate, customers are now more likely to pay slightly more for a brand that is sustainable. Time for a change?

Ellie Evans

Ellie Evans