My name is Rae-Ann and over the past week I’ve been on work experience with SHARP agency.

I’m originally from Portsmouth (for those that don’t know it’s just along the coast of the south east of England and around about an hour and a half away from London). I’m currently an Advertising and Marketing student at the University of Huddersfield.

My first engagement with SHARP was at a placement fair, where I met Marisa, who is the current Account Executive Intern and Haley, who is the newly appointed Marketing Manager. After speaking to Marisa and Haley about SHARP, it left me wanting to know more.

Today I’m currently sat in the SHARP office on the third day of work experience. Even though it is only my third day, I can already say this week at SHARP has been a real eye opener into the industry of agency work. SHARP seems very positive, happy, and family-like, with an office and team that is all about learning, developing skills and involvement. It has to be said SHARP’s atmosphere encompasses all of those things without a doubt. Everyone at SHARP seems to arrive with a smile on their face whatever the weather (even on a Monday when the weather is just rain, wind and grey, not one person in the office didn’t have a smile on their face). Now if that’s not walking into a welcoming work environment and waking up to enjoying a day of fast-paced hard work, then I am not sure what is.



SHARP has given me the opportunity to experience “The Day in the Life of…” with different roles within the agency. On my first day, I met with one of their designers, Sadie. I would love to be able to do some of the creative imagery that is made within the agency, but I’m sure no one wants to see constant stick men in every creative meeting. Yesterday, I met with Jo, SHARP’s senior copywriter, who works closely with the design team. I can officially confirm that being a copywriter is not what I originally thought it was. It’s not someone who sits at their desk and sorts through all the copyright laws, trust me it’s a lot more exciting then that. It in fact, has nothing to do with any laws!

Having the opportunity to speak to Marisa about a day in the life of an intern at SHARP, I can say the intern role couldn’t be any more interesting; it has been incredible. I’m sure when you think of an intern you expect someone who makes teas and coffees all day. However, the interns at SHARP don’t live that typical intern life. As long as you are putting in hard work and willing to learn, then you will definitely receive that back.

I could go on and on about my experience at SHARP, but if I do you will be reading forever. With a full packed week ahead of me, I’m definitely going to learn more to enhance my skills.

So far, this week has had me wanting to hopefully one day work for SHARP, not only because one of my favourite colours is yellow, but because I’ve only been here for three days and have already learned so much. The family-like feel within this agency is one I want to be apart of.

Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger