The 18-34 age group has been a key target audience for most marketers for as long as I can remember.

Understanding and reaching this group has been key to marketing success.

We’ve had the Baby Boomers, followed by Generation X, and now it’s all about the Millenials also know as Gen Y. Or are they?

Who are these young, influential people who will make or break today’s brands and help shape the brands of tomorrow?

At SHARP we have been co-creating extensively with this generation with many of our clients, and our insights have helped shape the success of the work we have done.

We believe the Gen Y is not what it seems, and is in fact a much more interesting and challenging group than ever before.

The first thing we discovered is that, unlike many of its predecessors it’s not one market but THREE distinct groups each having different values, expectations, dreams and ambitions and, more importantly, seeing brands and the role they play in their lives very differently.

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This is a group that every Marketing Director needs to get to grips with and our discoveries have led us to redefine them from Gen Y to Gen YOYO.

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Richard Sharp - The SHARP agency


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