If you join SHARP you will be joining an ambitious team of people, with a mission to have fun, and create exceptional work for national and global clients.

Plus there are some things that a job description and a website probably won’t tell you so we have added these here.


Every month we hold a Think SHARP meeting. We think its important that we all know whats going on at SHARP, so these meetings are hosted by the partners to update the agency on any news, celebrate great work, look ahead at whats to come, and answer any questions.

Yellow Envelopes
You may have noticed that we quite like the colour yellow at SHARP. Our team especially like our yellow envelopes! Our yellow envelope is a big thank you to any team members who have done something beyond the call of duty. It contains a thank you experience from the partners. Previous recipients have spent days at the spa, bungee jumped and generally had a great day out.

Our environment
We think its important that the place you spend your day working is inspirational and pleasurable. So we had the top floor of a textile mill converted into a space that excited us. It’s call the Carding Store, because it was, er, well a Carding Store. Its light and airy, exposed stone walls and beams, has a fully stocked cafe bar, playstation, lots of different spaces to work in, easy parking, and because we all need our 5 a day, our complimentary fruit bowls are there for you to enjoy.

A bit of history is that our office was a central part of the Industrial Revolution, and we like to think that its now part of the Creative Revolution!

DMA Membership
We are members of the DMA and this gives us access to up to date knowledge on all things marketing related. Our team attend seminars and training sessions. Plus we’ve regularly been recipients of the impossibly hard to win DMA Awards.

After six months with the agency you can opt in to our HealthCare scheme with Benenden Health. Its a great product that means if you need some help you can get it quickly and effectively, and be back to your best sooner rather than later.