Staying close to customers has never been more relevant.

We are not the same society that we were 7 weeks ago. Research suggests only 9% of Britons want to return to ‘normal’ after lockdown. What does that mean for your brand?


Many predictions circulate:


A ‘we’ not ‘me’ cultural consciousness?

Peak consumerism reached?

Back to British brands and products?


At SHARP, we know there is a way to move beyond predictions.


Locking down has broken down barriers. More than ever before, the time for collaboration is now. Global audiences have been empowered by technology, and we are in fact connected like never before.


So to navigate the new…


Let your customers co-create your recovery campaign.  


Using a fusion of technologies, we can bring your audience ‘into the IDEAS room’ in an innovative, virtual, co-creative way. Online teams working together on structured tasks which directly address the burning business questions. We bring 10 years of SHARP expertise as pioneers of idea co-creation, proven to deliver results – only now, we have adapted for virtual environments. Each session is moderated and delivered by expert Agency Partners. The SEEDS of ideas turned into campaigns that resonate with customers as they find their way back:


  • Answer burning questions: turn unknowns into knowns so you can launch into recovery with confidence


  • Act FAST. Bounceback Co-Create is quick and agile – the answers you need to move forward now.


  • Get the competitor edge, be the first to communicate.


  • Get it right – Bounce back with messages created and judged by your consumers, already proven to deliver engagement.


Co-Creation has already proven to deliver:

  • 16% uplift in brand awareness
  • 37% sales uplift
  • 33% faster growth


Watch this space for more coming soon.

In the meantime if you’d like to know more, then get in touch:


Vickie Button

Vickie Button