How can we all be a change for good?


David Attenborough’s “A life on our planet” has affected many who have watched it. In it he makes grim predictions for the future if we continue as we are. It made me think what can I do? What simple changes can I make that will make a difference for future generations? But sometimes it feels like the problem is too big and we are too small.


I desperately want to be part of a change for the better and so found a few practical solutions that can help that change happen.


When asked what is the “one” thing that would really make a difference, Sir David says we need to put nature at the heart of our decisions. But what does that mean in practical terms? How can I do that in real life everyday situations?


The following areas were listed in the film as being where change is needed. I‘ve added a practical take on these. They are not meant to offend but as food for thought or inspiration for things we as individuals (not governments or global campaigners) can do now.


  1. Reduce population growth
    Solution: Smaller families. 2 kids = no net population gain.
    This is happening already in the West as women have become more educated and focussed on careers.
  2. Switch to renewable energy
    Solution: Change to a renewable energy supplier such as
    100% renewable electricity and trees planted for every customer.
  3. Restore biodiversity
    Solution: Change to a mainly meat-free diet (farmland takes up a lot of wild space). If that seems too difficult try cutting out just beef as it’s the single most climate-destructive food there is. Another easy change to make is for our own gardens to become more biodiverse – not just lawn.
  4. Halt deforestation
    Solution: Avoid products using soy, beef and palm oil. Think about the timber products you use – go paperless, recycle, buy certified wood products (FSC).
    The main reason for loss of tropical forests are the clearing of land for timber, cattle, soy and palm oil production.

Our power as consumers is vital, if there’s no demand than the supply will be lessened.


We can also support charities doing good for the planet like and

An easy way to do this is to shop using – same as normal Amazon but donations are made to your chosen charity with every purchase at no cost to you. As of August this year UK charities have received over £4.5 million from Amazon smile. 


Or make Ecosia your new search engine and plant trees with your searches - for free.


We just need the will to act. Over to you.

Darlene Sharp

Darlene Sharp