Everyone loves a freebie and with so many brand competitions nowadays it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Here are 5 ways to glide through the world of competitions and make yours the one that everyone wants to enter and, most importantly, win!

1 Make it easy peasy

First of all, to make sure you have as many entries as possible, you need to make sure it’s easy to enter the competition. You can’t ask too much of your customers. Yes, bigger prizes should require more effort but keep it simple. A picture or video is the most you should ask your audience to do, this is for the big prizes, e.g. holiday of a lifetime or meeting your hero. Try and keep personal data to a minimum, it makes the entry process quicker and people won’t be put off.


2 Chance of a lifetime

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to stay in a “Brexit Bunker” or at The Louvre. Giving someone the chance of a lifetime will give your brand a step-up against your competitors. The trick is that it has to be something never offered before and nothing you could organise yourself. Think of the most extravagant prize you could offer, then triple it.


3 Power of the people

We all love a vote in the UK. What we love even more, is voting on non-political stuff. Giving people the power and a say in something, is a really smart move for a brand. Whether it’s voting for a winning entry or a new product that will divide the nation, people love to vote. Allowing people to have a say and choice in your brand is a clever move. In 2018 Cadbury's allowed people to create their own flavours, including Raspberry Shortcake and Choca-latte. Giving the audience a choice works and gives your brand attention as it allows people to have a say in some of their favourite brands. I mean, who wouldn’t want their own flavour of crisps to be sold in a supermarket?


4 Dreams do come true

They say you should never meet you heroes, but if the opportunity came about would you really pass it up? Earlier this year Walkers launched a competition in search for the biggest Spice Girls fan, the winner would get to meet them before they headlined Wembley in the summer. Giving someone the chance to meet their hero makes them feel like a kid again. It makes us dream about what it would feel like to win that competition. That dreaming is what will make people enter. Your brand will gain more awareness as the bigger the prize, the more people are likely to enter.


5 Word of Mouth

Social media is at the front of everyone’s lives now days and using social media as a platform for your competition is key. Anyone can put a competition on their packaging but it might not reach the same volume of people that social media can. The secret is to get the customer to promote your brand for you. It’s as simple as a comment to win, share to win, or tag a friend.

 If it’s important you get the most publicity AND beat your competitors along the way, bear these tips in mind when hosting your next competition.

Ellie Evans

Ellie Evans