Connecting with your customers can be challenging for brands. These cats show us five ways it can be done...

Connect with ideas

Your customers’ minds are tricksy things. How do you breakthrough and understand them? A rigorous segmentation process? Focus groups to test new products? Trawl through all the data possible?

These processes have their place. But in today’s age of imagination, is there another way to truly get to the heart of the what, why and how your customers perceive your brand?

Co-creation can deliver the answers. Because it doesn’t start with questions. It starts with play.

Plato – he knew a thing or two – said:

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play that in a year of conversation.”

With co-creation, you invite customers to play around with their ideas and insights with you, face-to-face. Inspiration techniques and games from expert moderation can unlock powerful solutions, because they come from a place that’s human, uncensored and free, not rational and calculated.

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Connect with collaboration

Content creation that resonates with your audience is an effective strategy for increasing engagement. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t all have to be top-down. In fact, influencer marketing has been found to be the top content distribution strategy for 2018.

This means it’s time to democratise. Open your doors, invite your customers to create not just consume. Build a platform that allows your customers to produce their own content to share amongst their peers. Many brands are already doing this successfully. Allow your customers to be a part of your brand and they will feel more connected to it. Simples.

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Connect with adaptability

Listen to your audience. And that doesn’t just mean posting sassy responses to comments on Twitter. It means being adaptable to need.

Customer experience is key. Listening to the needs of your audience will allow you to identify pain points in their journey. Solving those challenges with a transformation (however big or small) will resonate, increasing satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

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Connect with personality

Connectivity is all about relationships. And relationships thrive on personality. So take steps to humanise.

What does this mean? Be a communicator. Be a part of the conversation. And when you do, allow your brand’s personality to shine through. Whether this is in a call centre, on social media or on the shop floor, consistency of tone is paramount.

If your customers feel they can relate to you on a human level, you’re already well on your way towards building a strong relationship.

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Connect like you mean it

Of course, none of this all matters unless you understand that connecting with your audience is not a one-night stand.

It’s a relationship that needs constant work to make it last. 

So why not make sure everything you do is like a cat gif - something that your audience just can't get enough of, that resonates, that makes a connection.

Get to it!


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Picture of Alex Allston, Senior Copywriter at The Sharp Agency

Alex Allston

Senior Copywriter