If you’re not familiar with co-creation, this collaborative way of thinking has the power to show you how to effectively engage your customers after COVID-19. Just take a look at how these major brands used co-creation to solve tricky business challenges... 

Co-creation has been used to great success by brands like Lego, Heineken, Ikea and BMW for years. And by SHARP for over a decade – since we pioneered co-creation as way of generating ideas for brands.

Co-creation is collaborating with your customers to solve business challenges. And the biggest challenge right now is how does your brand bounce back after COVID-19? How are your customers feeling? How will they behave? What do they want out of your brand?

Co-creation can answer these burning questions to give you real confidence that your bounce back campaign will succeed. Here are a few examples of how big brands have used co-creation differently to solve unique challenges.

Product proposition

Example: Heineken
Are you launching a new product or service to the market? Unsure about how to position this to your customers, or what they are truly looking for? Then ask them directly!

Heineken did just that to create a pop up nightclub. The brand wanted a vibe that would truly resonate and reflect customers tastes – so set 120 nightclub goers loose on the concept and worked with crowdsourced designers (who submitted entries by social media). The result? A pop up club concept that travelled the world, gained 4m online views and produced a 40% sales increase for Heineken.


Business transformation

Example: DHL

DHL collaborated with customers to rethink its supply chain – building innovation centres in Singapore and Germany where customer groups could collaborate with DHL employees to work directly on operational improvements. Drone delivery and robotics applications are just two of the innovations that came out of this co-creation – and as a result service development has become ‘more efficient, innovative and successful’.


Brand development

Example: HomeServe

HomeServe is one of the world’s biggest brands in home assistance, operating across five countries with 8m customers. Problem was, each of its territories had their own unique identities.

HomeServe needed a rebrand to build prominence under a single, cohesive global brand. We travelled across the world to each territory and held a series of co-create workshops with employees and customers to develop a new global brand proposition.

From this, we discovered one core truth that unified HomeServe across the world – wherever you go, they are local experts at the ready. A confident, modern and ubiquitous brand identity was then crafted. From the logo to the vans, everything was redesigned to kick-start a bold new chapter for HomeServe. And this repositioning then led to a UK launch campaign that delivered 16% uplift in unprompted awareness. (Read more)


Campaign development

Example: Benenden Health

Benenden’s healthcare product is discretionary – which makes it a complex proposition to communicate – a challenge SHARP was approached to solve.

How do you sell healthcare cover that approves claims on a complex needs basis?

The Eureka! moment came during a Co-Create session with Benenden members, when one insight was transformed into a breakthrough strategy – “Helps you when you need it most, and others when you don’t”. For just £8.19 a month.

The power of knowing every penny goes into a pot that helps fellow community members until you need it hit home. Real members were used to bring this core idea to life for the DRTV advert and across all brand comms to authenticate such a great value healthcare product and instil confidence in new recruits.

It was an approach that resonated – the campaign exceeded all targets with a 42% DRTV sales uplift, giving it a top bill of health.


How can a co-create work for my business today?

Using a fusion of technologies, we can bring your audience ‘into the IDEAS room’ in an innovative, virtual, co-creative way. Online teams working together on structured tasks which directly address the burning business questions. We bring 10 years of SHARP expertise as pioneers of idea co-creation, proven to deliver results – only now, we have adapted for virtual environments. Each session is moderated and delivered by expert Agency Partners. The SEEDS of ideas turned into campaigns that resonate with customers as they find their way back

  • Answer burning questions: turn unknowns into knowns so you can launch into recovery with confidence 

  • Act fast. BOUNCEBACK Co-Create is quick and agile – the answers you need to move forward now.

  • Get the competitor edge, be the first to communicate.

  • Get it right – Bounce back with messages created and judged by your consumers, already proven to deliver engagement.

  • Co-Creation has already proven to deliver:

16% uplift in brand awareness

37% sales uplift

33% faster growth

Co-creation is perfectly placed to solve your business challenges post COVID-19. Accelerate your recovery campaign with a BOUNCEBACK Co-Create from SHARP.


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Vickie Button

Vickie Button

Strategy & New Business Manager