Today’s consumers crave relationships, and meaningful human connections can’t be formed in one direction – both parties need to be involved. When they are, the connections become much stronger.

That’s the idea behind Co-Create by SHARP. The Customer Engagement Agency.



Co-Create by SHARP brings brands, customers and agency together to identify and activate those valuable connections, unlocking the potential for powerful and effective marketing.

Our role is to engage deeply and openly with consumers to connect on a more human level and create real relationships.

The basic principles of Co-Creation

Everyone is inherently creative and adds value to idea generation

Smart moderation and creative inspiration unlocks bigger ideas

Consumer filtering gets the best ideas to the top of the pile

Co-Create benefits


Involving consumers helps to clearly identify the problems that need to be solved


Consumer participation provides deeper, richer insights and more intuitive creativity


Ideas intrinsically linked with your consumer thinking result in impressive ROI


Using consumer insights in idea generation creates confidence and trust in the outcomes


Briefs are solved more quickly, creativity and ideas accelerate and sign offs become quicker