Co-Create your next big idea

We’re particularly proud of our pioneering methodology,
Co-Create by SHARP. It’s a unique way to shape big ideas into meaningful campaigns that resonate with your consumers – because their insights help shape the whole process. It’s collaborative. It’s creative. And it’s cost-effective.

Without giving away too many secrets behind the science, here’s a taste of how it works and why no two Co-Create projects are the same.

The basic principles of Co-Creation

Principles of Co-Creation by The Sharp Agency

The key benefits for your company

Key benefits of Co-creation by The Sharp Agency

The formula for success
The Co-Creation Blueprint by The Sharp Agency

The Co-Creation blueprint

The key to successful Co-Creations is identifying and engaging the right audience for the task.

Our project plan will outline core audiences and stakeholders to engage in the process, and select the right creative tools and exercises to answer the brief. This is our project blueprint.

Creating Idea Seeds by The Sharp Agency

Co-Creating ‘idea seeds’ with consumers

This is where we get creative with our consumers and stakeholders. Our methodology uniquely works to activate the two sides of the brain to reveal deeper insights and a flow of ideas. To give you a flavour of this:

LEFT side – logic

We draw out rational responses using word associations, maps and real experiences.

RIGHT side – feelings

We seek out emotional responses to inspire the imagination and creative thinking to tackle the challenge. Through democratic voting we constantly filter the early ideas that resonate most with the audience.

Creative Development by The Sharp Agency

Creative development

The most powerful concepts resulting from the Co-Creations (though embryonic) are taken into the agency for full concept development.

We draw on our many years of communications experience across brand, response, design and relationship building to do this. Ongoing Co-Creation and evaluation by the audience ensures that we fine-tune the details and stay true to the early ideas.

Impact of Co-Create by The Sharp Agency

Co-Creation impact

Our heritage in brand and direct response means we are truly interested in the business case – how many responses did the campaign deliver against target? What awareness shifts were made? What is the ROI?

We have been measuring the impact of our Co-Created campaigns – and the results are impressive.To find out more take a look at some of our Co-Create case studies in the work section.

What Co-Create has achieved
In good company

We’re successfully Co-Creating with:

Best Western Hotels
Kirklees Council
Molson Coors

To find out more on how Co-Create can work for you,
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